Black Eagle Litigation Fund is a specialized distressed assets and litigation financing fund.

We acquire claims and distressed assets as well as provide financing to parties in litigation

Claims acquired / financed:

▪ Claims at various stages of litigation
▪ Pre-litigation stage claims
▪ Claims vs governments and sovereign entities
▪ Interest in potential recovery of damage from crime

Assets acquired:

▪ Interest in asset recovery
▪ Assets under title dispute
▪ Companies with revoked licenses / permits
▪ Interest in recovery of unjustly blocked funds

We may offer:

▪ Claim acquisition with full substitution of party in litigation
▪ Acquisition of asset / asset share / interest in asset recovery
▪ Agreement for joint financing of legal defense
▪ Claim financing in return for asset share or other interest
▪ Conditional contracts

We purchase legally distressed assets in order to restore their value as well as provide litigation funding and assistance to parties with valid claims, in return for a share in the litigation proceeds.

Within Black Eagle Litigation Fund we combine two types of specialized investment funds: those investing in distressed assets and investment firms focused on litigation funding.


Our interest in distressed assets focuses on situations where problems have a primarily legal nature and can be remedied by skillful management of their owner’s legal rights.

▪ Assets subject to title dispute
▪ Interest in recovery of assets lost through fraud or other illegal or otherwise voidable action
▪ Companies with revoked licenses and permits (mining, telecoms etc.)
▪ Companies abused for an illegal purpose which can potentially initiate restitution claims


Pre-trial fact finding and litigation may be a complex, lengthy and costly endeavour. Our involvement brings access to justice to those corporations and individuals that have a valid claim but lack financial resources to pursue it.

Financial and legal support by Black Eagle Litigation Fund empowers claimants opposing a well funded legal team of such defendants as large corporations, banks, insurance companies, important State entities or governments.


We possess unique expertise in the tracing and recovery of assets lost due to fraud and corporate embezzlement.

Private investigators and able local litigators are available to us in major locations notably including almost every offshore secrecy jurisdiction.