Insolvent Banks in Ukraine: Reward for Information

Black Eagle Litigation Fund is willing to pay financial remuneration or undertake to provide other consideration (to be negotiated) for information which would be substantially helpful in tracing, attachment and recovery of assets controlled by majority owners of Ukrainian banks which were declared insolvent in 2014 – 2015.

‘Majority owners’ means any natural persons who formally or informally directed the actions of management in such banks prior to such banks’ financial insolvency and during the period of such insolvency (irrespective of when such insolvency was officially declared or recognized).

We are specifically interested to acquire information on non-Ukrainian entities used in any transactions and schemes which caused those banks to lose ownership and/or control of their quality assets, as well as on the foreign / offshore entities used to conceal, legalize and reinvest any proceeds of such fraud or embezzlement.